d.s. & Durga

Founded in 2007, D.S. & Durga craft exclusive in-house, small-batch perfume and cologne using premium-sourced raw materials. The husband and wife team (and the brands namesake) got their start creating aftershaves for friends and expanded their brand to distill their designs into the architecture of fragrances. 


(All photos taken from the D.S. & Durga official website.)

CB I HATE perfume

Founded in 2004, CB I Hate Perfume is the exploration of perfume as Art by Christopher Brosius. The collection seeks to evoke memory through scent and includes many new scents made of synthetic and natural materials available in both absolute and water-based perfumes. 


(Photo taken from the CB I Hate Perfume official website.)



Blackbird is a design studio that was born of of the former Seattle menswear retailer of the same name. Inspired by art, nature and the unknown, their products range from home fragrance to beauty and skincare. In 2011, the company created their first grooming product and have since developed a range of other beard oils and skin care products that can be found at Redeem.  


(All photos taken from the Blackbird official website.)