Be Mindful, Be You, Be Clean. / by Ayana Cotton

Frustrated with disappointing products at high end skin and body care stores that still found a way to use thickeners, fragrance, and preservatives, despite being marketed as organic, natural and cruelty-free, Becky Waddell, founder of Be Clean, knew there was a better way. Enter, Be Clean- a DC based online store and retail showroom stocked solely with responsible brands producing effective and pure products without unnecessary preservatives, synthetic fragrances, emulsifiers, and animal products. 

In addition to 100% natural, plant-based products (all made in the US), Be Clean embraces a holistic approach to skincare, offering the option of balance and wellness as an alternative to traditional beauty approaches.   Encouraging moments of pause with goods like aromatherapy oils, essential oil perfumes, and mindfulness journals, Be Clean’s ethos reminds that self-care is the first component to looking and feeling your best.  Waddell also stocks thoughtful home goods like handmade and plant-dyed wall hangings, ceramic water bottles and essential oil candles- an acknowledgement that where we rest and re-charge has a huge impact on our overall wellness.

Visit Be Clean's retail installation at Redeem now through September.  Brands include Josh Rosebrook, Essential Apothecary Alchemist, Na Nin, Herbivore, Smoke, Soul Sunday and Aster & Bay. Visit the website here.