Introducing Kowtow / by Lori Parkerson

Adding to the Redeem line-up for Spring/Summer 2014 is New Zealand based design label Kowtow. Founded in 2007, Kowtow is an 100% premium certified fair trade & organic cotton clothing label that beautifully crafts each collection's piece from "seed to garment." Not only is this line incredibly forward-thinking in its design, exploring drape and volume within the context of its refined, minimalist aesthetic; its stance on fair trade organic clothing infuses the New Zealand label with an approachable, honest feel. Their recently released full-range collection Support Surface introduces biodegradable packaging, recycled hemp buttons, and an even more trans-seasonal collection.      

Head designer, founder, and brains behind Kowtow Gosia Piatek shares her thoughts on the current collection Support Surface inspired by the 1960s French art movement 'Supports/Surfaces'. The collection speaks to the process of design, the origin and materials of artwork (in this case, each individual garment), reflecting on where it came from and how it becomes. Piatek states: 

The 1960s French art movement ‘Supports/Surfaces’ inspires the current collection. In Supports/Surfaces, the subject is the painting itself - the raw material and the artistic gestures used to create it. There is a deep meditation on the technical. Translating that to what we’re doing, when you really look at cotton, you start to realize its beauty. There isn’t much that needs to be done to it. The more you do, the further away you get from its essence. It should be appreciated for what it is. This collection is a refined minimalism.

Images from the Spring/Summer '14 lookbook are featured pieces now available at Redeem.