DeNada Has You Covered this Summer / by Ayana Cotton

All photos by Moonrise District

Citing her father's love of travel and art, and her mom's undeniable sense of style, it's no surprise D.C.-based designer Virginia Blanca Arrisueño has built a loyal brand following though her business DeNada Design with deep connections to her parent's Peruvian heritage.

Part of DeNada's brand ethos is intentionally rooted in working with artisans, with an emphasis on handmade products using natural materials. The debate of man vs. machine, handmade vs. mass-produced is not something Arrisueño spends a lot of time grappling with. For her, it's simple and intrinsic to not only what she does, but how she does it.  "Art is my background. I studied fine art in college. Closely working with artists is just a part of my creative process." DeNada was a natural evolution of Arrisueño's work and pursuits as a trained artist. 

You can always tell the difference between something that’s handmade and something that was made by machine, you can see that every single item isn’t the same and I think that’s beautiful; and people ultimately appreciate that.
— Virginia Blanca Arrisueño

DeNada has been successfully specializing in Fall/Winter knitwear since 2009 but, excited to grow the business, Arrisueño had been considering evolving into a year-round knitwear brand for some time. When we asked about the inspiration behind finally launching her very first Spring/Summer collection, it became clear the impetus was based on a very simple mantra, "NO MORE EXCUSES."  After attending trade shows this past year, a seed had been firmly planted. Arrisueño exclaims, "I literally came back from trade shows and I just said, 'We're going to do this!'"

Similar to her cold-weather collections, Virginia decided to focus on a neutral palette with a pop of color and swiftly set a firm launch date to bring it to life. When discussing the process from start to finish, she informs, "We created every single style here in the [D.C.] studio and sent the samples to Peru with my parents. It was all very fast. I wanted to get an early start on production so by the time I visited, I could quality check and approve the styles so we could keep going."  Moving forward, DeNada will be offering the 2 seasonal collections each year, along with working on an Autumn/Winter Kid's Collection- with more plans of growth in the future.

We're thrilled to be the only brick-and-mortar retailer for DeNada's premiere Spring/Summer collection; in store now!