Snake Dance with Avocet / by Ayana Cotton

Sensual in nature for both men and women, one can tell Avocet is crafted with both soul and heritage at the heart. Inspired by the graceful, yet bold and unapologetic nature of the rattle snake, Avocet remains true to the brand's ethos with deep roots in Mexico City. The line is new to our brand offering yet it feels incredibly familiar. The pieces have a relevant sensibility, pairing well with our modern sheer and cotton offerings in store.

"Avocet Jewelry is a line of handcrafted jewelry inspired by relics and venerated objects. Avocet is a convergence of rituals, cultures, and stories as portrayed in the form of jewelry."

Based out of Mexico City it makes sense Avocet took to their environment for inspiration on their new collection. Rattle snakes are primarily found in Mexico and the American Southwest and they bite without hesitation- but these delicate pieces sway and fall on the body in the most delicate way possible, biting...but not too hard.  

The Avocet Story...

"Avocet Jewelry was created by Michelle Goni, a native of Mexico City, who, following her studies in college and owning a women's boutique in Asheville, North Carolina, decided to return to her roots, moving to Mexico to study jewelry smithing in 2011. After finishing her courses in 2012, Michelle set her sights to developing a brand that reflected her unique multicultural upbringing. She sought to pay homage to the natural beauty of the Appalachian Mountains of rural North Carolina while appreciating the organized chaos of Mexico City and the indigenous cultures that impacted each so profoundly."

Handmade in her workshop one block away from Zocalo, where Mexico's story began, with intention and an ode to the history and culture that informs her design intuition, Michelle pulls us into her world through the poetry of her craft and invites us to snake dance.

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